It’s been a long time coming but we are finally able and extremely excited to announce the launch of our Bokeh Fine Art and Gifts online store!

HUUUUUUGE Bokeh Fine Art Launch Discount Offer (35% discount total for a limited time):

To celebrate the launch we are offering a massive 25% discount on all purchases from the Bokeh Fine Art store until December 9th.  Why that date you might ask?  Well because we believe it will be the last day we can take an order and with 99% confidence, be able to deliver your new wall art by Christmas.  The coupon code to use during checkout for the 25% discount is:  BokehFineArtLaunch

In addition, if you are of the social persuasion and would not mind posting a link to our store on your Facebook profile (maybe even with some kind words and positive thoughts written along with it), we’ll give you an additional 5% discount.  Please look for “Want an additional 5% off your first order” with a Facebook share button on fine art pages, cart and checkout.

In addition to the addition, if you sign up for the Bokeh Spirits eNewsletter using this link, we will email you another 5% off coupon.
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Combine all three offers and you got yourself a sweet 35% discount!  Shipping for fine art is a flat $5 fee with delivery to our US fans.  If you live outside the US and see a piece you want, please contact us directly and we’ll figure it out!

Over the years we have taken a lot of pictures.  Like seriously thousands and thousands and thousands (Thank you DSLR’s).  The majority of those images were taken during a wedding or at a party with lots of drunk people who are a constant threat to our equipment (a fun threat, but a threat nonetheless), or a cutesy couple hanging with their favorite 4 legged friend.

But…not all of them.  And that but is where our vision for  a gallery of images that we absolutely loved capturing began.  It’s logical when you think about it.  Why would you take a picture, make it awesome and then never show it off?  We’re pretty sure that goes against the rules of the Internet and it might even break a U.N. law (but don’t quote us on that).

Within our online store (which was completely built by EFL, who is also writing this blog post, who is patting his own back right now and giggling, who will also write up a tech/general how it works blog post in the near future) you will find images that we have taken on our travels around this beautiful world.   You’ll find amazing architecture in small town Wisconsin (as featured in the above image, Nature’s Winter Cabaret, taken in Menomonie, Wisconsin), scenic beach life from spots around the Florida Keys, desert plant life, epic rock formations in the wild west, and of course views from our home base of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

For the conversation of our digital vision to something you can hang on the wall, we have partnered with White House Custom Colour (WHCC) based in Eagan, MN.  We are will offering two print mediums with a number of ready-to-hang mounting options.

3/4" Bamboo Panel Ready-to-Hang Standout Mount

3/4″ Bamboo Panel Ready-to-Hang Standout Mount

Metallic Paper:
A metallic base adds a shimmer and vibrant colors. Highly reflective, glossy finish.  Prints have a longevity of 100 years in typical display conditions and 200 years in dark storage. (Kodak Endura Professional Metallic Photo Paper)

Acrylic Metal Post Mount

Acrylic Metal Post Mount

Metal Print:
Using a dye sublimation process, the image is printed directly onto high quality aluminum for a clean and lasting finish. Our Metal Prints show off vibrant colors in a way no other medium can.

Mounting Options:
Unmounted, 3mm Black Styrene, 3/4″ Black Standout, 3/4″ Metallic Standout, 3/4″ Bamboo Panel, 3/4″ Metal Bracket Mount, 1/4″ Acrylic with Metal Posts, 1/2″ Acrylic with Metal Posts

We choose metallic paper and literal metal as mediums because to be honest, it looks bad ass.  We’d like to think that our work is ‘edgy’ and deserves a print format that you don’t see everyday and on every wall.

We’ll be adding new work on a regular basis because not only do we have a huge back catalog of images that at this moment, only our eyes have seen but the launch of this store represents a ‘Get shit going’ attitude at Bokeh Effect.  We haven’t decided if that will be a classic Photo-A-Day-For-365-Days project or maybe it will be a Kickstarter Coffee Table book concept, or maybe it will be “EFL and Panda get drunk at bars in walking distance, bring a camera and see what happens”.  It’s hard to say but what ever happens, it will be awesome and we hope you come back to check out our adventures and find a piece of art that you simply must have hanging on your wall.

efl_panda_cosplayThank you to everyone who has supported us, used our images as profile pics, bought us shots and then drunkenly kissed us, been a client, and a whole world of other amazing things that make us feel so warm inside and why we love what we do.  It means the world!

Your friends in time,
EFL and Panda